Pan-ami® Covers


Transparent fitted cover for pans and bowls that is reusable and won’t blow away in the wind. Great for picnics and cookouts.

Aluminum foil wrapping gets crinkled and gets blown away by the wind. Pan-ami pan covers are transparent so that you can see your food while serving. Lift up a corner to serve portions. The fitted cover snaps back easily. Reuse lots of times.

Pan-ami covers prevent insects, dust and other contaminants from getting into the pan while allowing food to be clearly displayed. Can be reused multiple times without tearing

Great for picnics, barbeques, catering and transporting food.

Each pack contains two large and one small cover. The large size fits all large and medium sized aluminum foil pans



Condition : New

Brand : Pan-ami®

Material : Food safe LDPE

Item Height : 10 in

Item Length : 8 in

Item Width : .125 in

Material : Plastic

Type : Bowl Set

Color : Clear

Features : Reusable

Shape : Rectangular

Additional information

Weight 2 oz


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