Stop Porch Pirates from stealing your packages. Package-Park dropbox/ package vault receives packages when you’re not home. Simply hang the sack by the bracket from your door and lock the door. The sack cannot be removed until you open your door. The package carrier deposits your package in the sack and locks it with the attached padlock. The large sack is 30 inches high with a 16″ diameter. It is made of thick cut-resistant and water-resistant canvas. The bag is lined with a water-resistant plastic coating to prevent water intrusion The bracket is made of powder-coated steel with a rubber backing that won’t scratch your door. A sliding steel bushing prevents the sack from being removed from the bracket when deployed. A cross-link holds the mouth of the sack together so that nobody can reach inside the sack. Deploy Package-Park when you are expecting a package. Illustrated instructions on the front of the sack show the carrier how to put your package in the sack and lock it. You keep the key. When you return home simply remove Package-Park from the door and unlock it to get your package. Easy one-handed deployment on your door. For private homes, apartments, dormitories, home offices, etc.
Includes instruction booklet and a free booklet of delivery permission slips (for packages that need delivery authorization)



Country/Region of  Manufacture              :               CHINA

Sack                                                                  :               16 inches Diameter,   30inches Height 

Steel Bracket                                                 :               10 inches long

Material                                                           :               Canvas Steel

Features                                                          :               Water resistant liner, Corrosion resistant, Fade-resistant, Lockable

Color                                                                 :               Black

Items Included                                              :               Instructions booklet, delivery authorization slips, handing sign, padlock, Brackets, Spare Key               


Additional information

Weight 4 oz
Dimensions 16 in

30in Tall


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